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Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun Combat Science Malaysia by David Peterson


Wong Shun Leung - wslwingchun.myTrained by the legendary grandmaster of Ving Tsun, Ip Man, friend and teacher of the celebrated martial arts superstar, Bruce Lee, Sifu Wong Shun Leung is considered by many to have been the ultimate fighter of his time. He tested and refined his skills in dozens of encounters on the streets and rooftops of Hong Kong during the 50s and 60s, emerging undefeated each and every time.

Wong Sifu almost single-handedly raised the profile of what was then a relatively unknown martial art, making Ip Man’s Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) famous throughout the former British colony, earning himself the title of ‘Gong Sau Wong’ or “King of Hand-talking” (ie: he let his fists/skills do the talking). Coming to Ving Tsun from a background in boxing, and possessing an analytical mind and the desire to test both himself and his chosen art, Wong Shun Leung believed in training for reality at all times.

This tradition continues at WSL Ving Tsun Combat Science – Malaysia (超塵詠春拳學) and every training session is dedicated to preparing the students for the harsh reality of street combat. Our training methods emphasise SIMPLICITY, DIRECTNESS and EFFICIENCY at every stage. We seek to develop awareness, keen reflexes, logical thinking and above all else, structurally sound skills that are based upon scientifically provable concepts which actually work under real pressure. We do not spend hours punching in the air or engaging in make believe combat routines that do not reflect reality. Instead, we constantly refine our skills under pressure through partner drills and exercises that reflect real violence and aggression as accurately and as often as possible.

In short, at the ‘WSLVTCSM’, the goal is to equip our students with genuine combat skills that will enable them to deal with and survive real-life violent assault should they ever have to face such a situation. This is NOT a flashy self-defence method, fitness course, demonstration art, competition-fighting or meditation system – it is a true Combat Science system developed to incapacitate a violent aggressor by being better equipped at violence than they are!!!



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