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Brief report on the recent Denmark training trip!!!

Sunday, 11 June 2006 00:00
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img_news-denmarkSifu David Peterson guest in Odense! The previous week Sifu Allan Jensen, Sifu Morten Ibsen and Sifu Benno Westra had the privilege to be able to share ideas on Wing Chun with one of the leading authorities on the Wong Shun Leung system - Sifu David Peterson. Sifu Peterson proved to be an outstanding instructor on the WSL Ving Tsun system. Not only did he go into detail over the WSL way, but he also showed that he truly is a Martial Artist with no ego what so ever. It was a great honour for Sifu Benno to be able to train with such a personality. All which is the essence of the ‘UCT International’ - gaining knowledge by sharing knowledge! In September of this year Sifu Peterson plans to visit Sifu Benno in Amsterdam, to keep up the growing friendship. More information on this will follow in August. In the picture: Sifu Peterson with Sifu Westra

Have Gung-fu Will Travel

Friday, 06 January 2006 00:00
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from the Jan 2006 edition of the Camberwell Grammar School Magazine,'Spectemur'

img_news_havegungfuStaff member, Mr David Peterson, teacher of Chinese in the Junior, Middle and Senior School, recently returned from his third trip to the United Kingdom this year (2005), his fifth such trip there since July 2003. These trips were made at the invitation of several prominent British martial arts organisations who desired his expertise as a guest instructor in the art of Wing Chun Gung-fu, a popular southern Chinese system of combat.

Apart from his duties as a Chinese teacher, Mr Peterson has also conducted classes in Wing Chun Gung-fu as part of the School’s Friday Activities Programme since 1990 and is a world-recognised authority on the system. Having studied the art since the early 1970s, firstly in Australia and then later (from 1983) in Hong Kong, Mr Peterson is a direct student of the late Sifu (master) Wong Shun Leung, who also taught the celebrated action star, Bruce Lee.


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