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Wing Chun’s Aussie “Marco Polo” Continues His Travels Sept 06

Tuesday, 12 September 2006 00:00
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Melbourne-based Sifu David Peterson has just returned from his seventh seminar trip to the United Kingdom in just three years. This time he also stopped off in the Netherlands, conducting seminars to Wing Chun devotees from a number of organisations in Europe. The invitation to visit Amsterdam came from Sifu Benno Westra, a well known figure in European martial arts, who was very impressed with Peterson’s knowledge of the Wong Shun Leung Method of the Wing Chun system after participating in a week-long series of workshops given by Peterson in Denmark during July.


Sifu David Peterson in Amsterdam!

Friday, 08 September 2006 00:00
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img_news_amsterdam06-3Recently the UCT was honoured with a visit of Sifu Benno his friend from Aussie-land Sifu David Peterson. The UCT opened his doors to a limited amount of participants of any lineage who was interested. So we had guests from two different WSL organisations! Looking at the reactions after and during the seminar all where really impressed by the extensive knowledge Sifu Peterson has on the Wong Shong Leung system. Sifu Peterson will visit the UCT on a regural base so we can offer his expertise to more students next time. We extend a warm thank you along this way to David!

‘Siu Nim Tau’ & ‘Cham Kiu’ Seminars

Monday, 04 September 2006 00:00
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‘Siu Nim Tau’ & ‘Cham Kiu’ SeminarsMembers of the ‘MCMAC’ recently joined with students of Sifu Enzo Verratti at the ‘Wing Chun Chinese Boxing Club’ in Brunswick over two Saturday afternoons to participate in detailed seminars on the first two Wing Chun training forms, ‘Siu Nim Tau’ (the “young idea”) and ‘Cham Kiu’ (“bridge searching”) presented by Sifu David Peterson.

Both forms were thoroughly broken down in minute detail by Peterson so as to help the participants fully understand how the ‘Wong Shun Leung Method’ both trains and applies the techniques/concepts contained in these two fundamental components of the system. The ‘Siu Nim Tau’ form is especially rich in information involving structure, technique, application in combat, development of power and basic strategy, hence the full four hours of the first day’s seminar was completely taken up in very detailed explanation and discussion.


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