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16th UK Seminar Trip a Huge Success

Saturday, 16 April 2011 07:48
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Principal Instructor of the ‘WSL Ving Tsun Combat Science – Malaysia’, Sifu David Peterson, has just returned from his 16th trip to the UK to teach ‘WSLVT’, this time conducting a two-day intensive seminar weekend in London, at the invitation of Sifu Jason Gowan of the ‘WSL Wing Chun London'. Attendees came from all over Europe, including Germany, Italy, Denmark and Holland, as well as Australia and all over the UK, with several Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) lineages/organisations represented. The numbers were excellent on both days, with in excess of 50 people attending across the weekend.

16th UK Seminar Trip a Huge Success 16th UK Seminar Trip a Huge Success 16th UK Seminar Trip a Huge Success16th UK Seminar Trip a Huge Success






Both days involved six hours of detailed instruction and enthusiastic physical interaction for those who took part, with everyone leaving the venue having completed a great workout and taking away with them loads of new ideas and enhanced skills. For some, it was their first taste of ‘WSLVT’ and it proved to be an eye-opener that left them begging for more. A few who had only planned to attend the first day changed their travel plans and ended up lining up for more of the same on Day 2, explaining how they’d not slept all night, totally engrossed with what they’d learnt on Day 1!!!

By the end of the second day, it was smiles all around and discussions that threatened to go on into the night, with immediate requests for a return visit later in the year. Happily, it would seem that many of those who had trained in other lineages, some with 10 or more years of experience, are now determined to pursue a dedicated study of ‘WSL Ving Tsun Combat Science’ with senior students of Sifu Peterson who reside and teach in the UK. Malaysian-based students can also expect to see quite a few international visitors coming to our classes here in the coming months to seek instruction in our methods, such was the impact that the seminars made upon their view of the system.

16th UK Seminar Trip a Huge Success 16th UK Seminar Trip a Huge Success 16th UK Seminar Trip a Huge Success






Taking advantage of his location, Sifu Peterson also made a surprise “flying visit” to Denmark, to visit his good friend Sifu Morten Ibsen and students at the ‘Danish Ving Tsun Federation’ in Odense. Whilst the short time available for this visit to the UK made it impossible to conduct training sessions in Denmark, there was ample time for sightseeing, conversation and coffee, discussing the possibility of a longer visit later in the year to conduct seminars once again in Odense and Copenhagen. All in all, this marked yet another very successful overseas sojourn for our resident ‘WSLVT’ ambassador.

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