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Yet Another Successful Overseas Training Tour for 2007!

Saturday, 13 October 2007 00:00
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September of this year saw the NINTH visit to the UK by ‘MCMAC’ instructor, Sifu David Peterson to share his knowledge of the WSLVT Method. This trip also saw his very first visit to Sofia, capital of BULGARIA, on the invitation of Sifu Stefan Kunev, principal instructor of the ‘Beimo Ving Tsun School’. Attended by Wing Chun devotees from all over Bulgaria and other nearby European countries, David’s seminars covered the full spectrum of the WSL Method and were extremely well received.

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He was also featured in both the visual and print media before and after his visit there. Making this trip especially memorable was the fact that David was accompanied in his travels by Sifu John Smith of the ‘Illawarra Ving Tsun School’, as well as long-time student of the ‘MCMAC’ and sometime movie star, Ri-jie Kwok who is currently based in London. Both John and Ri-jie gave invaluable input at all the seminars that they attended, as well as providing great company for the normally lone traveller, Peterson. As per usual, the reception in the UK was warm and enthusiastic, with hosts Sifu Ged Kennerk (Stockport), Sifu Kevin Bell and Sifu Alan Gibson (Southampton) providing their typical brand of great hospitality and laughs during the stay in their country. Many old friendships were renewed and even more new friendships formed during this trip and, as in the past, before the trip was over, plans were already being put in place for more journeys in 2008. With two more trips planned for the UK (April & September), and trips planned for Bulgaria, Denmark, Japan and the USA, 2008 is shaping up to be another busy year for the roving “Wing Chun Ambassador from Downunder!”

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