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Wing Chun’s Aussie “Marco Polo” Continues His Travels Sept 06

Tuesday, 12 September 2006 00:00
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Melbourne-based Sifu David Peterson has just returned from his seventh seminar trip to the United Kingdom in just three years. This time he also stopped off in the Netherlands, conducting seminars to Wing Chun devotees from a number of organisations in Europe. The invitation to visit Amsterdam came from Sifu Benno Westra, a well known figure in European martial arts, who was very impressed with Peterson’s knowledge of the Wong Shun Leung Method of the Wing Chun system after participating in a week-long series of workshops given by Peterson in Denmark during July.


In the UK, Peterson once again conducted seminars in Southampton at the invitation of well known Wing Chun author and instructor, Sifu Alan Gibson and his protégée Sifu Kevin Bell of the ‘Wing Chun Federation’. His host in the northern city of Manchester was Sifu Ged Kennerk, head of the ‘Stockport Wing Chun Academy’ and the driving force behind Peterson’s successes in England over the past three years. Participants at both events came from all over Britain as well as the Netherlands. Whilst there, Peterson also enjoyed a reunion with his senior in the WSL Family, Sifu Gary Lam and one of Lam’s most outstanding students, Sifu Ernie Barrios, both of whom were on their very first trip to Britain conducting seminars.
Peterson had last seen both Lam and Barrios in 1998 when on the first of two seminar tours of the USA and wasn’t going to let the two hour drive to Malvern in Worcester (after twenty-eight hours of flying!) stop him from catching up with his two friends. Whilst brief, because of time constraints for all concerned, it was a very happy event to kick-start three weeks of travelling, teaching and training in “Old Blighty.” Such is the demand for his instruction, Peterson has already been booked to return to the UK twice in 2007, and has also been invited to travel to Bulgaria, South Africa and Holland within the next twelve months.


On returning to Melbourne, he conducted a two-part seminar on the Siu nim Tau and Cham Kiu forms of Wing Chun at Sifu Enzo Verratti’s ‘Wing Chun Chinese Boxing School’ in Victoria Street, Brunswick. Both forms were broken down in minute detail and both days were captured on film with a DVD release planned for later this year. Peterson’s book, ‘Look Beyond the Pointing Finger: the Combat Philosophy of Wong Shun Leung,’ which was highly praised all around the world when released in 2001 and out-of-print for several years, is also set to be republished shortly in an expanded second edition.

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