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Have Gung-fu Will Travel

Friday, 06 January 2006 00:00
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from the Jan 2006 edition of the Camberwell Grammar School Magazine,'Spectemur'

img_news_havegungfuStaff member, Mr David Peterson, teacher of Chinese in the Junior, Middle and Senior School, recently returned from his third trip to the United Kingdom this year (2005), his fifth such trip there since July 2003. These trips were made at the invitation of several prominent British martial arts organisations who desired his expertise as a guest instructor in the art of Wing Chun Gung-fu, a popular southern Chinese system of combat.

Apart from his duties as a Chinese teacher, Mr Peterson has also conducted classes in Wing Chun Gung-fu as part of the School’s Friday Activities Programme since 1990 and is a world-recognised authority on the system. Having studied the art since the early 1970s, firstly in Australia and then later (from 1983) in Hong Kong, Mr Peterson is a direct student of the late Sifu (master) Wong Shun Leung, who also taught the celebrated action star, Bruce Lee.

img_news_havegungfu2Well known for his writings on Chinese martial arts, history and cinema, especially the Wong Shun Leung Method of Wing Chun, having previously published dozens of articles in journals around the world, and on several Internet sites, Mr Peterson is also the author of the first English-language book on the subject, entitled ‘Look Beyond the Pointing Finger: the Combat Philosophy of Wong Shun Leung’, which presents the wisdom of Mr Peterson’s late Wing Chun Gung-fu instructor.

Mr Peterson has become a travelling ambassador for the art since the death of his teacher, having also conducted two very successful seminar tours of the United States in 1998 and 2000. He is due to return to the UK in March 2006, and there are now plans underway for him to travel to Greece and Denmark later in the year. In the meantime, as well as his duties here at CGS, Mr Peterson instructs at the ‘Melbourne Chinese Martial Arts Club’ and continues to promote the legacy of his teacher both here and abroad.Share
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